Fuck You Facebook

February 2, 2011 — 14 Comments

Fuck you Facebook! You are inconsiderate, insensitive, and downright cruel.

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Like a night out with Charlie Sheen, it may be entertaining at first, but then it just gets disturbing.

Facebook’s intrusion of our personal lives has gotten out of hand. Couple it’s infection with their desire to sell ads to the point of exploitation, and you can call them downright cruel. Facebook is like that friend who still tells “Your mom” jokes in a group where someone’s mother has died. Just ignorant (or stupid) and overtly offensive.

Let me regale you with my story: Just the other weekend, my girlfriend and I broke up (the why is not important for this story). I logged into Facebook the other day, and noticed that she had already changed her relationship status from ‘In a relationship’ to ‘Single’. When she did this, it automatically bumped me to ‘Single’ as well. That part wasn’t so much a big deal; it actually makes sense. The unnerving thing was that Facebook decided to post that fact as a update on my wall! So, in case my friends and other contacts didn’t know, Facebook wanted to be sure they all knew! And it came complete with a “Like” & “Comment” button! Because that is exactly what I want: some jerk sitting around, seeing that and thinking “This guy broke up? Oh yeah, super cool! Let me ‘Like’ this.”

Like this?! Yeah, that's fun stuff

Thankfully, there is a remove button. Call me crazy, but I feel I don’t need every schmoe I know in passing on Facebook saying ‘Sorry to hear that man’ and ‘Oh jeeze, that sucks, what happened?’. It’s not exactly an ideal conversation starter, especially given that any spawned discussion will surely involve someone going on about their own life and telling me what I ‘ought’ to do. It’s my business; I’ll share with who I want to. Not who Facebook wants to.

It gets worse yet. Facebook decides to get cruel. While browsing some friends’ pages, I notice that all the ads on the right-hand side now have a ‘single’ common theme to them [pun intended]. It’s like Facebook’s idea of a sick joke. See the picture below:

Damn are these ads targeted or what?

Talk about kicking a guy while he’s down. I haven’t felt this exploited and used since my first Milli Vanilli concert. They’re serving ads based on life’s downs; and it wasn’t just one or two ads, it was All of them. Every single ad had a not-so-subtle message. Facebook basically says to me: “Hey, I know you’re going through a tough time what with that break up and all, and you’re still dealing with it, but let me rub it in a little more and remind you that you’re definitely single now”.

Luckily I’m not the type of person to go off the deep end and get all emotionally destroyed from something I read on the Internet, especially from something as simple as Facebook, but I know there are people out there who do. I only hope my Ex is one of them. Heh heh, just kidding.

Looks like I’ll be continuing with my current social network activity plan: log in maybe once every few weeks, and when I do, do it on the iPhone app where ads like this don’t live.

This one goes out to you, Facebook.
Now Available as a fun sticker or T-Shirt!

Fuck Facebook icon

Icon now available as a fun sticker or T-Shirt!

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  • minshi

    Facebook is fucking white terror. They will lock your account, erase anythings related to you, without any reasons or prof. Just like the fucking ROC government who white terrored people in Taiwan.

  • Ozian

    Interesting article I also quit and deleted my Facebook profile completely you want to know the reasons.

    1) It takes too much time from my everyday life I could go to gym,play and practice guitar. I can go to the beach, finish my errands at home, Go out and meet some girl I get lot more attention from women when I go out.I can be more with my family. I can do millions of other things instead of being on computer all day. It becomes too addictive.

    2) Facebook It’s the best platform for people who are nosy and likes to talk rumors. Besides its also good for people who like to show off and brag.

    3) Some people from the past that live now on different side of the continent. I didn’t saw them didn’t spoke with them in 15 years or more. Now they can find me and can contact me to add them. They weren’t really much of the friends in the past to be honest I don’t feel relaxed around them.Some of them bring back bad disturbing memories.

    4) Too many informations are revealed to the public about you.

    5) Most of the people on the Facebook that you add all this so called friends 300 to1000 something friends are not even your friends because in your real life you won’t hang out with 98% of them. Most of them won’t even talk to you on Facebook. At least speaking from my experience.

    In conclusion I learn two things from the Facebook I am definitely hanging around with the wrong crowd in the wrong environment.

    Now when my Facebook account is deleted I can be more myself and start new fresh better life and find better people to be with.

    Thank You and have good day.

  • Alan

    facebook discovered that a friend of mine had a miscarriage…

  • fuck facebook

  • Castellum

    Being single is wonderfull, I am now and it’s the happiest time in my life. Fuck facebook with all of its dictarorship!

  • Fakebook

    Glad I’m not part of the FFW, (FaceBook FAGS of the world).  I’m going on 6 months FaceBook clean and don’t have the urge to fall off the wagon.  I agree with this guy, there is no reason why people should be up in each others business, just a bunch of drama being caused.  These social sites are evil and wrong and are going to cause more trouble in a world that’s already messed up.  If everybody was smart they would stop using these social sites and mind there own business and use the phone if you want to talk to your friends.      GOOD LUCK FFW’s

    • calmdowndear

      Here here!  I completely agree with the above post, facebook is an intrusion of people’s lives, causing unnecessary drama and more. It was a novelty in the start,finding “friends” from the past (urgh big mistake) and reconnecting with people,but i soon got bored with all my “friends” drama and fights which EVERYONE else had to read! Not my idea of fun 🙁

      It has seriously taken over (not to mention RUINED)people’s lives and should be condemned forever!!!!

  • ScreamQueen

    Money is not the root of all evil. Facebook is. Enough said.

  • You know what? At the bottom of this page, I see an ad for AsianDating.com. Yes maybe I’m in Asia, and maybe I’m even Asian, but does that mean I have to date other Asians? :p I’m not single by the way, I just thought it was funny how your Facebook nightmare has actually penetrated your very own space as well. I think the whole internet is changing with all these audience targeting business in place. I wish I could tell you hey man ditch the ads but I own blogs too and ads are my livelihood.

    So yeah, fuck you Facebook and fuck you online ads!! 😉

    Cheers man!

    • @twitter-19589573:disqus , you are sooo right. I really dislike how most ad services such as Google will pull “relevant” ads from the cookies stored in your browser. So when you visit a site, it will display ads based on what sites you go to. Mine currently show web hosting and dating sites, due to me visiting this page and others on my own site. Then, any other site that also uses Google ads will show the same thing. Turns the internet into like watching the same channel. Kind of boring.

      One of these days, I’ll have to find a new ad service to use.

      • Yeah sometimes I turn around to see if anyone’s sneaking up on me. I blame it on those ads, they make me feel like someone’s always watching me. The internet used to be my solitude, now it feels like it’s mocking my aptitude. I can find my own dates damnit! :p

        When you find an ad network that respects users, please keep me in mind.

  • Danny Terry

    I hear ya, man. Facebook did the same thing to me when I became single last year, posting my relationship status on my wall and on the news feed for all my Facebook friends to see, and then put ads for online dating sites on my profile.

    They’ve been hitting me with the online dating sites ads ever since. I’m unfortunately still single and Facebook seems to have delight in exploiting the fact. I’ve already come to the sad realization that I’m single and not having much luck finding a new girlfriend, but it’s so inconsiderate and degrading for Facebook to rub my relationship status in my face.

    • Lois

      I hope this won’t require me to ‘log in to Facebook to comment’.

      Been off FB for four months, and don’t have any desire to go back.

      I find it rather insulting that it blankets you in singles dating ads; As if being single is a bad thing?!

      Just because you do not have a gf, does NOT mean there’s anything wrong with you.

      Believe me, there are plenty of people in relationships, and they’re miserable. Not all couples are miserable, but some are stuck in unhealthy ones, or think they don’t deserve better, etc.

      The worst is when people cannot stand to be without a significant other; It’s like they can’t just be themselves or by themselves and be confident. Others only add something to our lives, they don’t create them.

      Sorry to get preachy. 🙁

      Next relationship you get into, not being on FB is a good start! 🙂

      Have fun being single. Start a new hobby, challenge yourself! You’re worth it.

      A good “addition” to your life will happen when you are comfortable, and happy with yourself.

      “Fake-book” can take a flying leap!

  • lololol