Resolved to make a movie this year

February 20, 2013 — 4 Comments

Making my own productions hasn’t been as high a priority these days. Like most filmmaker sad stories, my schedule keeps me generally too occupied to take the time to pursue filmmaking simply for the fun of it. This is something that’s been sitting heavily on my mind a lot as of lately. Some of my proudest moments have been finishing my own movies and my fondest moments are working on worthwhile projects (such as Shorts or Features with my friends). Couple that with my fun obsession with getting projects listed on IMDB, and it lead me to make a personal declaration.

I am going to make a movie this year! Not just any film; a film worth submitting to festivals. Up till now, I’ve only personally produced films for the 48 hours film project. This year, I’d like to make a movie just for fun, with a schedule that allows me to make a really good, polished product; one that is worthy of the time & money to submit to festival. I want to make a project that was completely voluntary and worth sharing to friends, family, and peers in the industry.

Originally I thought I would simply make a short film to fulfill this resolution. However, a fantastic horror idea has popped up through discussion with friends. I can’t say much about the project at this time, but the concept is so intriguing it merits exploring with the full time of a feature film. I’m quite excited by this notion. It could be the first true feature length film I’ve made. I will want to utilize all of my best industry assets for this. I know enough talented people and want to pull out all the stops. I’m meeting with some close buddies to gauge reactions and flesh out script ideas. I know they’ve both been itching to make something this year. Hopefully, we can move forward with this!

If this feature film comes to pass, it’s likely that it won’t be finished this year so I’ll technically have failed my resolution. The spirit of the resolution is that I’m working towards something, so the goal is still achieved. Perhaps I’ll do a side endeavor for the 29 Days Later Film Project, just to keep the IMDB up to date 😉 My friends and I have been meaning to make a “Commander Badass 2”.

Check back for more updates to where this project lies! To my close associates in the industry, hit me up if you’re on board!

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