“The Bet” by Jay Gates

March 16, 2011 — Leave a comment

“The Bet” is the type of humorous film that one could imagine themselves sitting around doing the same thing with their friends. The wit is so wonderfully right up there with “Know how I know you’re gay?” jokes, but with more class.

You can always count on comedian Jay Gates for a great laugh. Jay is an Actor/Comedian/Director/whatever-needs-to-be done kind of guy, hailing from grand ol’ Virginia Beach. Be sure to check out his site: http://www.goldiebrown.com/.

And now, for the funny:

Two office co-workers continue their daily ritual of trying to win “The Bet.”
Starring: Danny Forte, Jay Gates, Rachael Lang & Paige Victorino
Written by: Danny Forte & Jay Gates
Directed & Edited by: Jay Gates

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