Snail Walk – Music Video

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‘Snail Walk’ was a music video for artist: Mike Pain. Like most music videos I helped work on during those days, I had never heard of the artist. Mike Pain was a local rapper trying to get more presence in the scene by making a music video. My buddy Kory Smith was creating/directing the video and enlisted my help. I didn’t do sound, but was, for lack of a better name, his go-to get-anything-done production assistant. I love working Kory. He has a fantastic vision, great sense of courtesy and professionality towards me, respects my opinion, and always has a fun set. Even if the job was low-paid or not paid at all, I would jump at the opportunity to work with Kory.

I remember this shoot fondly. Back then, I still didn’t date much and loved being able to work around all the hot music video girls. I actually had this little tradition that I did where I got a photo of me with a hot girl or girls on set. This wasn’t started by me, but rather by the directors or artists. They thought it was funny to see the nerdy guy get his kicks by posing with the hot girls. So, they started this tradition, kept it going, and I played along. I loved it. 🙂 Anyway, there was plenty of attractive girls on this set and I loved being part of it!

At the time of making the video, Kory’s company was called ‘PTFC Productions’. It is now called “Visually Inklined”. You can see more about the artist ‘Mike Pain’ on his site here:

Music Video:
The full music video is posted below. It is hosted on Kory’s ‘PTFC Productions’ account:

B.T.S. (Behind the Scenes) vid(s):
Here is my little behind the scenes video of the girls practicing the ‘Snail Walk’ dance itself:

Production Photos:

Boxing Ring:

Pics from the Boxing Ring shoot are here:

Club Twist:

Pics from the shoot at ‘Club Twist’ are posted here:

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