Fix: Fantastico is not installed at the default location

January 20, 2011 — 2 Comments

Fantastico De Luxe is an automatic installer for many 3rd party programs such as WordPress, Joomla, and OsCommerce. It integrates directly with your hosting application such as cPanel. Fantastico is most common automation software used by hosting companies. I personally do not prefer Fantastico, instead opt to use Installatron instead. It has a much better interface with many more features.

#1 – The Problem

After installing Fantastico De Luxe, you may receive this error when trying to access it from cPanel:

#2 – The Fix

1). First check to see if Ioncube is enabled. Do as the error says, log into Web Host Manager (WHM) >> Tweak Settings >> PHP. Then look for the last item: cPanel PHP loader. Select ‘ioncube’.

2). If that did not work, try rebuilding cPanel’s internal PHP (not the one used by Apache) and restarting cPanel:

#3 – Errors

You may receive an error while running /scripts/makecpphp. When I first ran it, I had this one:

Make sure you have libjpeg installed:

If it is already installed (like the above example), simply remove it and re-install it:

Now try again to run /scripts/makecpphp and restart cPanel. Everything should be good to go. Obviously you’ll need to modify your commands above depending on your libjpeg version.

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