Fix: Plesk Watchdog error of 01-01-2011

January 14, 2011 — 3 Comments

#1 – The Problem

Ever since January 1st, 2011 (when the new year rolled in), Plesk servers that have Watchdog installed have started giving errors on the crons. Administrators receiving these cron error emails will see something like this:

#2 – The Fix

The temporary work around was to comment out the watchdog cron so that they would not run. Plesk has created a patch that will correct this problem. Here is their forum post regarding the patch:

The patch files are version specific so be sure to grab the one that matches up to your Plesk version. You need to be logged into the forums in order to download the zip files. For simplicity, you can download it from my server instead. I have also detailed all commands necessary to implement it, so you simply copy/paste the commands as you will probably find that easier.

2.1 – Download and unpack the zip file:

For Plesk 8.6:
For Plesk 9.x:
For Plesk 9.5.x & 10.x:
Now to unpack:

2.2 – Backup old files and move new files into place:

2.3 – Set ownership/permissions of new file:

2.4 – Clean up:

#3 – Test

Test Watchdog to make sure it no longer gives errors. If successful, it should return no results when ran:

#4 – Revert previous temp fix:

As mentioned above, prior to the fix, a work around was suggested: to simply comment out the Watchdog crons to keep them from running. You can safely re-enable them now.

Make sure that none of the Watchdog crons are commented out (none have the ‘#’ symbol in front). A correct root cron will look like this:

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