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My name is Jacob “Boom Shadow” Tirey. I’m a freelance sound man for film and television. I have 8 years of industry experience and own all my own gear. I’ve also found a second passion in doign Web server administration. I’ve been doing that for the last 6 years as well.

I started this site to enable my greatest passion in life: helping others. I love helping others wherever I can. I attribute that desire as my driving reason for getting into sound and web hosting in the first place. People need a good computer guy and productions need good sound. Problem is, these are two areas that are oft misunderstood and ignored. I fell into these niches knowing the need people have. I found myself to be quite good at both and now I share my expertise with others.

Everyone learns from the experience of others, whether it be film or computers. I wouldn’t know anywhere near as much as I do if it hadn’t been for others sharing their knowledge. Humanity as a whole can only progress if we build on the knowledge of those that have come before us.

Working in web hosting, there are a lot of questions I see come up time and time again, and there are a lot of errors that have simple fixes. I will post the answers to problems I encounter, articles on how to do certain things, and maybe share just a few fun thoughts. No one likes contacting tech support no matter how friendly the tech support representative may be. If the answer can be found online, you’ll learn how to fix it yourself (and faster) than asking for help. Well… usually, but not always :)

Truthfully yours,
Jacob “Boom Shadow” Tirey

My email can be found here. It has been masked with ASCII art to prevent spam harvesters.