Running Gitit Wiki with Upstart

Gitit is an awesome git powered Wiki that you can host yourself. Here is a working Upstart script so you can keep the Gitit process running on server boot and even if the process is killed.
New cPanel and Changing to Paper Lantern Theme

Last night, my servers received the newest cPanel update: version 11.50. Here's how to change all your users to the new Paper Lantern theme.
Installing ImageMagick & PHP Imagick

ImageMagick is a common requirement for other pieces of software that have image manipulation functionality; here's how to install it.
Auto fix for file permissions and ownership

Ever get a '403 Forbidden error' or a '500 internal server error' due to bad permissions? It happens. Here is an easy automated fix for that!
How to upgrade Plex Media Server on Ubuntu Server

How to upgrade Plex Media Server on your Ubuntu (server). It's quite easy and your library is completely intact!