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Plex Media Server is amazing and fantastic in so many ways! It’s got a better interface, better streaming capabilities, and better library scraping. It’s completely replaced XBMC for my media needs. The biggest drawback is there isn’t quite as much documentation out there for it. I noticed that my Plex Server was out of date, and a quick search didn’t give any exact results for upgrading on Ubuntu.

With enough research, I found how easy an upgrade actually is. For those trying to do the same, I’ll share the exact commands with you.

Grab the latest version

Go to Plex’s site and look for the latest version. You ned the link for the ‘.deb’ file. For me, I was upgrading to

So, on your Ubuntu server, run the following:

    cd /usr/local/src
    wget http://downloads.plexapp.com/plex-media-server/

Install It

    dpkg -i plexmediaserver_0.

That’s it! It will upgrade the latest version and your library will be completely in-tact. Just do a quick clean up to get rid of that ‘.deb’ file and you’ll be done:

    rm plexmediaserver_0.  


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