Running Gitit Wiki with Upstart

January 5, 2016 — Leave a comment

I know I've been rather quiet lately. I've been busy travelling for a little bit and found myself at a new job. Well, now I'm getting back into the swing of things and wanted to start off with something special.


I started using Gitit wiki this week. I love it, it's awesome, and I encourage others to check it out. I'll post a full installation guide soon.

For now, the issue I'm running into is that I want to have Gitit automatically start with the server starts. I also want it to respawn in case the process ever dies. Enter: Upstart

I know Ubuntu 15 is implementing systemd, but our servers are still running 14.04 LTS. So, this is relevant to everyone else also on the LTS – or just anyone using upstart 🙂

Admittedly, I've never fully understood init scripts enough to write my own, until now.

Upstart Code

Here is my code for running Gitit with Upstart.

vim /etc/init/gitit.conf


That's it! Now you can start/stop/restart the service like so:

service gitit start
service gitit stop
service gitit restart

If you restart the server or kill the PID, it'll auto-restart. You also have logging at:

*Note: Be sure to update lines 15 & 16 with your path to the wiki, path to Gitit binary, and your gitit config file.


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