Justice League Dark: The Gathering - Short Film

"JLD: The Gathering” is a short, fan film by "Happy Reaper Productions" & "Off The Wire Studios". Based on DC comics of the same name. This was a very fun shoot and I've got all the pics to share!
Wordpress Admin Attack

A few months ago, a massive attack was launched against self-hosted Wordpress sites throughout the entire Internet. Bots would flood the WP admin page sending 'post' data. Here is how you identify and curb the attack.
Adding an Authorized Key

This is a follow up article for my previous SSH key authentication article. This time, I show you how to add the key to your no-panel (non-cPanel) server.
WHIR Event Washington DC - 2013

The WHIR throws local web industry related networking events. This year's DC event was a blast! See here for pictures of the event.

This is the story "How Apocalypse Rock Ruined My Life" or "The Search for the Missing Bread", a descent into the depths of fantastically bizarre and random nonsense that occurs when I'm allowed to creatively create, unconstrained