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The Web Hosting Industry Review, or simply “the WHIR” for short, provides industry related news, reviews, webinars, and events like local networking parties. I highly recommend getting on their mailing list if for no other reason than to know when these industry events pop up. Free drinks and cool tech people; it’s always a good time!

This year was very exciting. ServInt wanted to represent as much as possible, so as many of our employees showed up as possible. In fact, a bus was rented for the evening to shuttle everyone around! As always, there was a lot of good drinks to be had, but also a lot of great experiences. This was my 3rd year going to these, 6 years in the industry, but for many of our techs in attendance, it was their 1st on both accounts. I think they had a ball.

I also got to meet two other prominent owners from a couple other web hosting companies in the area. This was most exciting of all; normally we’re the only actual web host at the DC events. Special shout-out to PJ Taei from WebNet Hosting. It was very cool to sit and talk industry talk with another exclusive web hosting provider.

To see previous years’ WHIR events, click here.

WHIR event 2013 photos

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