Snail Walk - Music Video

This is the music video "Snail Walk" by Mike Pain. I only assisted as a go-to get-everything-done production assistant. However, I thoroughly enjoy helping my buddy Kory Smith out like that. He does such great work and the projects are a lot of fun to be a part of. The full Music video, BTS vids, and pics are posted here.
Golfweek - TV Show

Golweek (TV) was doing a live broadcast coverage of the NCAA's Men's Golf Championship in 2007. The mood was classy, I got to drive gold carts like a Twisted Metal maniac, worked with my buddies, and the pay was decent. A great shoot all around! Pics are posted here.
Out The Door - Music Video

This is the music video for "Out the Door" by the local Virginia Beach artist "Still Pink". This video was a blast to make because the entire premise was to throw as much crap as possible at the band while they performed! The music video, BTS vids, and productions photos are posted here.
Sweet Good Fortune - Feature Film

The feature length film "Sweet Angevine" holds a very special place in my heart. It was the very first production job I ever landed. This film is what catapulted my life into Film and set me on the path of doing production sound. It was entirely shot on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the summer of 2005, principal photography lasted nearly 2 months, and it paid nothing. I loved every bit of it! The trailer, official links, and production photos are all posted here.
Fated - Short Film

When we go to sleep, we dream - or at least some of us do. After seeing a young girl, Kenny's dreams take a more sinister turn. As the dreams get longer, his days get stranger. Soon, even the waking world is no longer a safe haven for him as strange things begin to happen to him even while he's awake. Kenny struggles to understand what's happening to him and he fears he may be running out of time and the worst part is... he may be right.