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“Fated” is one of earliest works that I still have record of. It was a short film project I made Freshmen year of college at Purdue University.

Fated was commissioned as part of the Purdue DLC Digital Cinema Film Festival. It was a chance for new filmmakers to try something new and test their skills. When I heard about the festival, I jumped at the opportunity. I gathered my close friends and we set our minds to putting a movie together. The process was riddled with many trials: no budget, loss of interest (from my friends) due to World of Warcraft, scheduling conflicts, and arguments over creative decisions. In the end, we had a story that didn’t much make sense to even us, but was something that we could be proud of nonetheless. It was the culmination of all our efforts and one damned fine looking product. Well, at least the DVD was one fine looking product :)


IMDB link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2372520/
Official movie site: http://fated.virva.org/


Fated movie poster

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