"The Bet" is the type of humorous film that one could imagine themselves sitting around doing the same thing with their friends. The wit is so wonderfully right up there with "Know how I know you're gay?" jokes, but with more class.
How to investigate an FTP hack

Oh no! You've been hacked! I'll help you investigate the intrusion and get some wanted answers.
Fuck You Facebook

Facebook is inconsiderate, insensitive, and downright cruel. Like a night out with Charlie Sheen, it may be entertaining at first, but then it just gets disturbing.
Fix: Could not edit /home/username/etc/ftpquota

Transferring from a host that uses a non standard setup can result in errors.
Good Morning Feeling - Short Film

'Good Morning Feeling' is a short film that depicts an individual presented with a euphoric day and the feeling it instills.