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Definitely Do Not Push This Button

Star Wipe films. Always a good decision. Here is their T-Mobile commercial contest entry for the G1 phone.
Sidekick Cinema - TV Pilot

"Stars Stunts Action" (AKA "Sidekick Cinema") was a TV pilot shot in LA over the course of 6 days in 2008. It was an action & stunt focused TV show that showcased stunt people in the film industry: the lives they lead, the stunts they do, and the stories they had to tell. We met Danny Trejo, Brendan Fraser, and Jet Li (to name just a few). Trailer, links, and pics are posted here.
CMT's Country Fried Home Videos - TV Show

Virginia Beach has a monster truck fire truck called: Monster 1. Its a Natural Gas powered beast they use for parades and promo events. CMT's "Country Fried Home Videos" got word of this beast and wanted it for an episode. My buddy Abe and I were hired as the local unit to film it's show segment. I even got to ride on it at one point, as evident in the video. Yay!
Sweet Angevine - 48 Hour Entry - Short Film

"Sweet Angevine" was our entry for the Virginia Beach, 2007, '48 Hour Film Project'. We won 2nd best film and two awards for: Best Cinematography & Best Sound Design. See the whole film and the production photos here.