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A close group of friends made this video a while back, Star Wipe Films. This was a T-mobile ad contest for the new (at the time) G1 phone. The winning entry was to be used in a national ad campaign from what I understand. Though they didn’t win, I still love the product. I personally was, unfortunately, not part of this particular video.

Every video put out by this group is always so entertaining and so well made. Granted, I am a member but that does not affect my judgement. I have been part of numerous other groups and projects over the years, and can always take a step back and admit when they’re crappy (as they usually are). But Star Wipers just seem to have the magical combination of creativity, know-how, and attitude (plus a bit of Cyborg actors).

Start with a great story, add in knowledge-of-your-gear and the filming process, a generous portion of great direction, and then top it off with a dollop bringing-it-all-together. Consistently great work!


See more here:
Website: http://www.starwipefilms.com
Brian Pennington’s Vimeo (a Star Wipe director): http://vimeo.com/user491268

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