Backing Up and Restoring MySQL Databases

Backing up your data is a critical aspect of maintaining any system. Think how devastating it would be if you woke up and it was gone one day? That is why I'll show you how to backup your MySQL databases and how to restore them back.
cPanel's Webinar on WHM 11.34 features

If you didn't catch cPanel webinar on WHM 11.34 features, that's okay. I'll give you a quick rundown of some of the great new features such as: email auto-config, webdisk, and email archive. I'll also share some of the exciting news/gossip concerning future releases!
How to forward - archive all email for a user

Ever wanted to archive all of your incoming and outgoing mail, or ever wanted to spy on your employee's mail (if you were to be so dubiously inclined)? Today, I show you how to configure Exim to quietly send a copy of all incoming and outgoing message for an address.
How to still get a free DynDNS account

DynDNS used to be the largest offeror for free Dynamic DNS until they stopped new free accounts and only did paid ones. Here's how to still get a free account.
Hosts file modification

Need help modifying your hosts file so you can test your domain? This utility will show you how to modify your computer's hosts file on any operating system: Linux, Mac, or Windows. The page will detect your OS and print instructions specific to you.