SSH Language Localization

Ever wanted to change the local language in terminal on your server? This article will show you how! Farsi, here I come!

Today, I'd like to announce a project I have underway: 'DC in a year'. It's a long-term time-lapse video heavily based in tech. I also have some video tests demonstrating its status. Take a look!
Intro to Portable Digital Recorders

For the location sound person, a Portable digital recorder is highly recommended to have as a backup recorder. Being familiar with them, at the very least, is a must. Check out B&H's fantastic guide to portable digital recorders.
DSO (mod_php) vs. CGI vs. suPHP vs. FastCGI

Learn about the differences between four PHP handlers and which might work best for you.
How to install Memcached

Memcache is one of the most popular caching tools used in hosting today. This guide will show you how to install it.